NGKRA Golf Cart Drag Racing Pictures


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We sure did have a blast with that bunch. No pissing and moaning about cheating or macsc whining about getting a trophy cause he blessed us with his presence.
No gb (nuff said). No rifter whining about CM chassis'. There were a lot more too, shame all the crying over safety rules on carts even from gb til he busted his ass in a cart in his hood and
Realized safety was a good thing. And Tom with his criticism over how the events played out (even though we had no control of that, it was in the tracks hands). Guess we could have done some stuff different but back then we felt what we were doing was in the best interest of the sport and safety of the racers.
Still glad we did it. R.I.P Tom.


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These are some pictures from our last golf cart drag race in Orlando Florida.

These were two of my favorites. Never got to race with them, but sure wanted to. Though, I did like Macsc's cart. kinda how I modeled mine I suppose.


From here that whole deal now looks like it caught fire the same way the media shoots and drags our Government around, cry cry cry.