jeep vs tahoe


what will win in an overall offroad contest

91 cherokee unlifted vs. twackers tahow with 33's on an unlifted rig


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LMAO if tweaker really thinks a unlifted stock tahoe can go mudding he need to lay off the crack. Honestly they weight a
load and they are not that high off the ground especially with running boards. Tweaker take your tahoe mudding in real mud and see how long it takes you to get stuck. I bet the first mud hole you hit your done.


I'd ditch the running boards right off along with the front airdam. It's actually not stock height either, it's lifted about 2" or so over a stock truck (t-bar crank to level with back). Weighing a ton, well, yeah it does tip in at about 5K, but that's beside the point

Who knows, I would probably get it hung up on something though:


Nothing very detailed, I made a vid but it has horrible quality. Need to get some real pics, trouble is I'm very clumsy with a camera in tight spaces. I still haven't found that "shot" that I'd like to have. I'll try dredging up the vid and some pics though.


Nice job on the video. I was expecting it to be a 30 second clip
I'll have to make some popcorn the next time I watch it, j/k. Very nice and thanks for the info on "Suburbazine"... Its a nice ride for sure.



I don't make short clips, they're just not worth the effort. It's much more time efficient to use a longer vid, considering all the converting I have to do prior to editing. Hope the music wasn't too bad, I didn't have anything else that was the right length