Help Identifying cart


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I bought a used golf cart with the numbers K3086 420262 stamped on it. I assume the K3086 means a date code of May 30, 1986 after some research.

But when I look at websites for parts ordering, I see where some parts are for pre 1986 1/2 or post 1986 1/2. My question is - What is the dividing line for pre or post 1986 1/2?

Also, I took a picture to a golf cart dealer, and he said I had a Medalist model. What is the difference between this and a Marathon? I can only seem to find 4" lift kits for this year of cart for Marathon models.

Any help would be appreciated as I learn this stuff.




Your cart is an 86 Marathon. That should help you find the right parts. Medalist was not around in 86.