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I purchased a new HDK (Chinese) golf cart.
It has 205/50/12 (Wanda) tires.
Problem is, that on smooth streets it has a mild to really irritating bounce. Even at approx 2 mph, it feels like the rear tires have flat spots. I tried some tires/wheels from an EZGO on the rear. No real change. I couldn't try them on the front because they didn't fit over the disk brakes. At faster speeds 16 to 18 mph, it gets into a rythm bounce. Impossible to drink a glass of water while driving. At this speed, it feels a little like a bad shock, but not quite.
Have rotated tires around without any real change. Jacking up rear and running motor shows that the tires/wheels vary about 1/8 inch in roundness.
I have owned Club Cars and Yamahas (old and new) and never experienced anything like this.
We live in a gated community and drive the cart on the community streets. When on the golf course, it isn't very noticible.
Do you have any ideas?
Also "directional" arrows are not facing the correct rotational direction. Would this cause it?
The manufacturer has been talking about changing, wheels/tires, front coilover shocks and going from a three leaf back spring to a single leaf. They have been talking for two months, but no action to date.
Any comments will be appreciated.


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1/8" of run out on the tires isn't to bad so I'm not sure if that's what causing your problem. Do the tires wobble at all when the cart's moving? Depending on the tread pattern having the tire rotating in the wrong direction could cause the "bounce" How much air pressure are you running in them? You could try running lower pressure to see if it helps at all but you shouldn't have to. If the tires were installed wrong when you bought the cart from the dealer I'd push them until they fix the problem.


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Thanks for the reply.
I talked to a local goodyear dealer about acceptable run out. He agreed with you. 1/8 is normal. I put it in just as an effort to supply as much info as possible. It is interesting that the steel wheel seems to have about the same run out. This is based on a crude measuring method while jacked up.
I had my wife drive the cart while I observed the movement. No noticible wobble.
The tread is shaped kind of like curved knife blades rolling front to rear when mounted correctly. Those mounted incorrectly, roll that pattern from rear to front. (make sense?)
I've tried 12 psi up to 24. Things change, but basic problem remains. Tire sidewall calls for 14 psi. These are DOT tires. Could be made for larger vehicles?
I'm pushing like crazy. Since this qualified as an "electric vehicle", I'm looking into the Calif Lemon Law as well.
Another interesting observation. The steel wheels are two piece welded. Like normal auto steel wheels. However the area for the lug nuts is not flat for a mating with the axel hubs. They have a (strengthing?) roll from the stamping. Metal to metal contact not engineered very well. However, I would have expected some wobble if this is the culprit.


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I wonder if it has anything to do with the shipping of the cart. I've seen vehicles loaded into overseas containers. They put a 6x6 in front, park the car against it and then shove another 6x6 into the back tires with a forklift and screw the wood into the container floor. Could a cart sitting like that for who knows how long before being shipped and then the shipping time from China deform the tires belts?


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Find someone in your area with an EZGO, CC or Yamaha and swap out the wheels with your cart. If that stops the problem get more wheels and tires from the dealer.
I have heard of Chinese axles not being up to par in past. Maybe check the flanges to see if they run true and the bolt pattern is centered.
The directional problem is easy, put the wheels/tires on the other side of the cart.
205/50-12 tires are about a 20" tire which is fairly large. I am surprised to see a DOT rated tire with only a 14psi pressure rating, normally they are 35psi+.


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Thanks for responding.

Gonzo, Main problem feels like it's from the rear. I did try other tires/wheels on the rear. No help. Doesn't seem like container "squat".

Dougmpc, I did attempt this but the EZGO didn't fit over the brake calipers. I think this is a good idea though. Perhaps a custom set of wheels will fit. I will try. Unfortunately, we have lived here less than two months. Don't know very many people.
I wondered about the axles as well. I will jack it up again and try spinning the axle with chalk lines. (a little like timing a distributor.)
The left two tires are mounted correctly. The right two tires are mounted backwards. If I move the rights to the left, then the original lefts will be backwards on the right side. (Right?)


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I'm not real familiar with the cart, I know some, just not that one. If it has disc brakes on the front and drums on the rear try putting a wheel that is 10" dia or more at least on the rear and try.
Does the dealer have any wheels to borrow and try?
Who is the dealer and where can I find out more about the cart?


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Thanks Gonzo. Certainly a different looking cart, not your usual EZGO knock-off that you see.
I noticed that they had 10" steel wheels as stock not 12" as the OP mentioned.
Any 10" golf cart wheel should fit unless they used some oddball stud pattern.


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I know this post is pretty old but just so it is known HDK carts come stock with 10" tires not 12" and the carts can be bought with 1, 2, 3, or even 4 leaf springs and if you are using this cart ride on smooth pavement or not doing any crazy off roading in it then all you need is 1 leaf spring. This person had 3 and that will give you a stiff bouncy ride. The tires also used to have pretty stiff sidewalls which have been changed now. Alot on these carts has changed since the '09 models and alot of the little things have been worked out.