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I'm looking to add some power to my 95' TXT . It has a 6" lift with 25" Maxxis tires and an alltrax 650. I still have the stock motor and with the 25" tires there is a lack of power to say the least. It will slow to a crawl on a long steep uphill. During hunting season I put 22" Mudbusters and you could feel the differance.

. What motor will give me enough torque to climb steep hills without loosing power and get a few more miles an hour ?? It will go about 14mph on flat ground with the 25" tires. Can I stay at 36v or will I need to go 48v ? Thanks for the help. Mike

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I have an 02 - so not quite the same carts.

I have a D&D 76-51 in mine with a 500 amp Alltrax.. before changing it to 48 volts it ran about 23mph with plenty of torque.

With 48 volts I'm turning 30 and have GOBS of torque.


I'll second the D&D motor. Their motors are GREAT. I would give them a call and give them the info on your controller, tire size and and what you use the cart for and they'll set you up with a good motor. You already have the controller you need for good performance from the D&D motor.
D&D Motor Systems


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Thanks guys. The reccomended motor is the ES-52-26. 8.5 hp @2700 rpm's and an estimated 16 mph with a 80% torque increase. I'll e-mail all my specifics ane see what they say.

. I installed the 650 2 months ago getting ready for a motor upgrade and eventually the 48v conversion. With the stock motor you can hardly tell the differance from the Alltrax 400 it replaced. Mike