Zhongyu Cart Help?


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Hello everyone!

I'm new to the site and was wondering if someone might be able to help me.. I bought a Zhongyu golf cart that looks identical to the EZ-GO Shuttle. I picked up the cart to play with dirt cheap because the previous owner disconnected the dash wiring from the ignition switch, battery gauge, headlight switch and turn signal toggle.

I have looked at the EZ-GO diagram and it's close, but no cigar... Does anyone know of these carts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- Brian


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I've never seen a Zhongyu golf cart in person but if it's like the other Chinese EZGO knock offs the body is the only thing thats close to EZGO. The chassis and electronics are usually very cheaply made.


Look at the Vin Plate ( where ever that is!) Find out the manufactures name and vin # and i'll see if i can get you a diagram.
I'm not the original poster, but i have the same cart, same problem (its probably physically the same cart, lol), so I figured this was the best place to post.

I found a poorly punched number under a bunch of rust on the support between the rear shock towers:


It was very hard to read, half punched numbers, etc. Im pretty sure its accurate, other than the first letter. Im assuming its an H since all I can see is 2 small || marks. I guess it could also be a U. The numbers I am positive of.

This is a Zhongyu ez-go lookalike, it could be a Fairplay model, don't know. Hopefully the VIN will help.



Look at the controller and see if it is a curtis 1244 controller. If it is see if the F&R switch has a forward/neutral/reverse . If so you can use the 2004 Fairplay wiring diagram. It should be close even though wiring may be different color codes. If it has a Alltrax controller DCX300 us the 2006/early 2007 wiring diagram. If it has neither controller then it is not a Fairplay clone.