Z lift question


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I just bought my first cart a 95 CC DS. I am going to build my lift for it. A Z lift is what I'm going with. Has anyone done this. What i'm thinking is 8 to 9 inch. I understand how it works what I'm wondering is how far forward sould I move the front forward. Pics would be great. Want to run 25 or 27 inch tires.


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Move it forward 2.5-3". You'll need all of 8" to clear 27" tires on the front. The rear will need to be around 10" for 27's. 25's are alot easier. 8" front and rear will clear them.


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I have a steel warehouse that will cut 1/4 inch pieces with a shear press for 15 bucks apiece and Im going to extend front 2-3/4 inches and use an AllSports block kit in the rear.


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in the picture above of the kit that was made what are the 2 pieces that have the bolts thru them the things beside the brown bag


They go over,top of the springs, the extra hole is for the shock to hook up to. That way you don't have to have shock extensions.


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I see very nice. I like it I should be getting started next week sometime. Is there any little tricks to tweek a little more power out of these cart, and does anyone know a good place to buy tires and wheels?