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reverse or more power?

ive recently been looking at snowmobile engines. but it seems that with this mod you lose reverse which could be handy in a mudhole or creek situation. then again the power could be even better in that kind of a situation.

but ive also been thinking about a vertical shaft 25 hp lawn mower motor with tranny that will give me reverse and more power options.

but probably nowhere near the power of a snowmobile engine

so more power or reverse?


The mower engine swap has a bad weak link in it, that being the transaxle. You have 2 options, a hydrostatic or geared transaxle. The hydrostatic will be slow and there isn't much that could be done to speed it up. Also, it is built to carry a 500lb mower and 1 operator around a smooth lawn. I blew my John Deere's trans out pulling up a small bush.

Now for the geared one, speed is easy to gain just by using different size pullies. I swapped a new 5 speed L110 geared trans into my JD and changed the pullies just curious to see how much of a difference it would make. It boosted its top speed to 20 mph with only 22'' tires on the back.
Problem with this comes with the added weight of the cart. The belt slips when it starts from a dead stop in 3rd. The weight of the cart is going to be to much for this to pull around. The slightest hill will burn the belt up. Another thing to think about is brakes. These have no brakes.

I think your best bet is a snowmobile enigne.
They have crazy power and the swap is pretty much straight foward.


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im new so i dont quite understand all this lawn mower talk . lol

bear with me as i may be wrong but

i planned on using the stock golf cart rear end. and transplanting the mower motor and tranny onto the cart.

the simplicity of the snowmobile engine would be sweet. but i desire reverse. and my pockets arent that deep
i happen to have access to a good running motor and tranny off a troybuilt.

i need reverse but thne again im new and dont quite understand right now so.