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Hi I am new to the site and have been attempting to research the Year, Make and Model of the golf cart that we just purchased. The previous owner stated he thought it was a mid 80's. It doesnt have a regular serial number. The plate is located under the drivers side seat with the following info: Has the name Classic Golf Carts, Boca Raton, Florida with the numbers Serial C24-1088 Model 1243R.

The front plate on the front of the cart says Remanufactured by Classic Carts. I can't find any info on Classic Golf Carts in Boca Raton.

We think it is an ez-go golf cart. It is a 36 volt, electric, the key and Forward, Neutral and Reverse knob is under the seat in the middle. the front end is square looks almost like an older model car. It has headlights and tail lights.

I do have a picture but unsure how to download to the forum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hubby wants to work on it and replace some parts but need the info about the cart as to what it is and how old it is.... Thanks in advance..

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Thanks so much for the input.

I think I figured out the picture download. I see the attachment to Photobucket has appeared at the bottom of my post.. Now you can see what the cart looks like!

Anyway thanks again for your input, hopefully I can get a definite answer, but until then we will assume its and 88...


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Thanks for posting the picture of our cart..

I will try and take some pictures under the seat tomorrow and attempt to get them posted.

It needs a little work, but all in all its in pretty good shape. Not bad for $500.00 huh? It came with the charger, and the rain covers also. Tires are pretty good shape. Batteries are supposed to be only 2 years old.(at least thats what the previous owner said.)

By the way would you know why the lights dim when you accelarate. If the key is off and you turn on the lights they are bright but as soon as you turn the key on and accelerate they dim alot..... Just curious. Could it be a bad ground?

Thanks for the help


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Betty, your lights are probably wired into your battery pack and the voltage drop of acceleration is showing up in the lights. If you don't have one, get yourself a $25 digital multimeter and learn how to use it. It's not difficult, and it's a sparky cart's best tool. BTW, I think you did well on the purchase. When we see more pix we can tell you more.