YDREX Speed Control Issues


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I dont know much about this Yamaha YDREX golf cart, when we got it I think it was from a golf course and it had just been cleaned up with new batteries, so for the past few years we have just topped off the batteries and have replaced a couple of tires.

Anyhow, the issue is that recently it's having speed control issues. In reverse the cart started to jump (move quickly with little throttle input) and a few days later forward started acting strange as well. It either feels herky jerky at full throttle, or wont go fast at full throttle unless you release and re-depress the throttle a couple of times.

Thoughts or suggestions?

The only thing I’ve tried is putting it in tow mode, turning it off, depressing the accelerator pedal a few times, changing the direction rocker switch a few times, and then turning it back on.