Yard & Garden Cart


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We use ours around the yard and garden. We tried a gas cart first. It didn't work well around the gazebo and other tight places. It wanted to go, I wanted to creep. Changed to electric. It goes real slow when you want and pretty fast you want. Works great for picking up the pruning, planting and harvesting the garden, watering, etc. I also have a 4 wheeled trailer that is made with golf cart axles and tires. I've had 800 lbs on it with no problem. I've made 4 different tongues for it now. Can be pulled by pretty much anything including by hand (like a wagon). I saw someone who uses their cart to aereate the lawn. I'm now looking at the spikes at Costco to do the same. My riding lawn mower and the golf cart would have to be raised to accomplish the task. It looks like it will be a lot easier to lift the cart. The mower looks like too much work.


It's amazing what these electric carts are capable of isn't it.
Feel free to post some pics of the cart doing its job.