YamahaHauler G11 Carburetor Pilot Jet


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I have a 96 G11 YamaHauler. I just bought it runs but not too good but did drive ok. I took carburetor apart to clean and lost the pilot jet. I know im a moron but it fell under the cart and I forgot about it until I drove around the yard and now its lost. So I cleaned the carburetor, sprayed it out with air, put back together and tried to adjust cables so they were tight. Now when I push the throttle pedal to start it starts and has all sorts of low end and then it doesnt want to move faster. Its feels like when the clutch shifts up the motor dies. Or when it hits a hill it will spit and sputter and not want to have power to climb little hill. It does try then backfire a lot. I put a 72.5 pilot jet in it from a earlier Yamaha G9 could the pilot jet be causing this? It seems that when I pull the choke out on a hill or pull it out when its bogging down and wants to quit, that the motor will start to run better? This would make me think it wasnt getting fuel. But i can pull hose off and turn the engine over and the fuel poors out the hose. Could it be governer or throttle opening up carb to quick and isnt getting enough gas for the amount of air? How do i adjust the carburetor? I'm new to carts but not engines so i am puzzled with governor. Please let me know how to adjust carb, governor, and anything else. How many screws out should the pilot adjuster be?


I'm not sure what size jet the Yamahauler came with stock but if the jet you used is a different size it will cause the problem your having. Maybe someone else here knows what size jet they come with stock...