Yamaha YDREX Throttle Pedal Travel Question

Larry Wolden

New Member
This is my first golf cart, so please bear with me.

My throttle pedal travel on my Yamaha YDREX all takes place in the first 1/8 of travel. My max speed is around 18 mph, so I don’t have an issue with speed. It’s difficult to “feather” the throttle pedal to go slow, and after the first 1/8 of travel the rest of the pedal travel does nothing.

Is this the nature of the beast, or is there something that can be done to better utilize the throttle pedal travel?



Can you post the model number of the controller? Some controllers can be programmed for throttle ramp up speed. I'm not sure if that's your problem but post the controller brand and model and @Diode or @Zman should be able to help you out when they see this post.