Yamaha "Speed Kit" - 2021 Electric Motor


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The Yamaha dealer is offering this "Speed Kit" as a $150 option to increase top speed. I am guessing that it involves a remapping of something - but what? And how? And will it be detrimental in any way Thanks, this is my first post.


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we would really need to know exactly what he's doing does it add torque does it add just speed how fast I can think of two or three ways to add speed


If it is a A/C motor drive you just reprogram for 20 mph and put on 205X65X10 tires . This will give you about 22 - 23 mph. You will still have torque and smooth acceleration.


Ask him if the speed kit comes with bigger tires? If you have a PTV model you already have them, if you have the 8 inch wheels you are programmed for around 12 mph. I do not charge the customer to increase the speed if cart was purchased from me,