yamaha solenoid problem


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I traded for a 1980 yamaha and it goes down the road fine but has a continous clicking. The clicking speeds up the faster it goes. It has an overdrive of some kind (probably after marker) when i pull the OD switch it goes quit a lot faster and the clicking slows down. I believe it is origanal from frt. to back. The solenoids are 6 terminal with all 6 terms on the top. I have tried to find them and the only thing i can find are 36 v. 6 term. but with the big terms on the opsitate ends. 2 big on one end and 2 big = the 2 small on the other end. They are 2 big post NO on one end and NC on the other. They reverse when the solenoids is activated. I think i could use them. What do you guys think? I would have to mount them a little different but i could do that. I just need to know if the ones in my cart now are 2 big NO and 2 big NC until activated then reverse.


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The "over drive" is a shunt. They're are very hard on motors. The motor may be damaged and causing the clicking.