Yamaha QuieTec Engine Reviews


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I am looking at a new cart and ran across a Yamaha with the QuieTech Drive2 engine but I can't find any information or reviews on it. Does anyone have info on this engine as far as any issues or longevity?


Same engine as older models, It is fuel injected and has independent rear suspension! :thumbsup: :usa:




Bought mine stock in June 18, 2020 then started on it the next day, added a 3" lift, 14" lo profile tires (wanted to tour on our area golf course), added 2"rear wheel spacers, fender flairs, M/Jax Street legal LED light kit and faced in a high 3rd brake light,
rear seat kit from (Jasons Carts) 0 help n no response to needed ?s,
Well as ignorance would have it and with no help from Jason support and like a dummy I ordered my parts only to get the wrong rear seat kit, I was so pi..ed I ended up returning the springs since by comparing mine to the new HD ... no need BUT (ouch on shipping), the box the seat came in was so destroyed from poor packing n shipping I kept it but had some serious mods to make for it to fit and look like it belonged.
While I was at it I added a trailer hitch both front & rear, the front makes maneuvering my trailer into c,one areas is spot on.
One thing on ordering is a MUST DO, is make sure it "specifics" 2016 or later or better yet is to talk to your supplier (Golf cart King) for help if U have any reservation on an item. Most ship free or lo fee but returns are EXPENSIVE!
Due to the lack of knowledge n not sure exactly the differences with " '16 & up" carts & with no response from Jasons I ordered a rear seat n HD rear springs.... BIG MISTAKE!
My point is that the Quietec Drive2 EFI is so new to the aftermarket business ... that call 1st if in doubt.
Other than that, I LOVE IT n my neighbor said, I thought U said U were buying a gas cart.


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