yamaha model number?


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hello Cartaholics! i'm newbie here. i purchased recently a yamaha golf cart gas, 4 stroke, 4seater with serial number jn7-001905.. willl somebody tell me what is the model of my golf cart?


I don't have the sheet anymore, but any yamaha golf cart dealer can tell you.

j-10 79 to 81
j-17 I think 1982 (one year only cart) different cylinder head but can use any year cylinder.
j-31 these are g-1 yamaha 79 to 85

j-38 is g-2

jf2 is g-8

jn7 would be g-9 g-14 g-16 up to g-22 (not 100%) what actual model but a newer cart anyway

What you need to look out for are the g-8 carts that were converted to g-16- g-22 with a few modifications.

This was great if you owned the cart but bad if you bought one and thought you were getting a g-14 to g-22.

I hope this helps a bit.


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Thanks djlan99 for the info.

So it might be g-9, g-14 or g-16 to 22 model for my jn7 engine series.

What year are this models?


The g-9s and g-8s were 90s carts. The g9 is just a g-2 with a rubber molding around the front cowl instead of an aluminum trim piece.

I never get too caught up in the year of the cart they are normally leased for 8 years

then put into special event for 2 years then they are sold off to people like us or

mom and pop golf cart shops who then sell to us.

The year of the cart is not an issue because by the time we get them they are fully

depreciated and hold a market value of 900.00 to about 1500.00 no matter the hours or miles

on the cart.

Electric cars or more affected by the age of the batteries.

If you need the year to order parts most companies just need your serial number

from the cart.

I think you may have a g14 through g22 cart and should put you around 2000 or so

for a year. A yamaha dealer will be able to tell you for sure.