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Hi' newbie to forum. My neighbors have yamaha carts. that need worked on.and since i work on my own carts they want me to help with there carts. The first one has been sitting awhile outside,been told it only needs batteries and all new cables. I found wiring diagrams here they will be a great help.The second one ran then stopped owner replaced fuse at key switch ran ok untill she shut it off then no go all connections have been checked according to her cart will run when cold after driven awhile and shut off no go. solenoids sticking?the third wants to upgrade to a controller instead of resistor any idea what it would take to do this? I am comfortable working on my cushmans and old ezgo's. but i never worked on yamaha's. There older carts g2's mid 80's to early 90's that have the two solenoids and FNR is a key switch.I know i have to find model no#s and such but there not readily available at this time. they want this done this spring so they can cruise the hood.ANY help or ideas would be great (other than moving away lol ) thanks for your time old cart fart


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hi' thought i let you all know how this mess came out. the cart that had been sitting out.got it home started checking the mechanicals out with neighbor. a gent stopped said he had one just like it and he needed some parts. long story short neighbor has an ezgo 3 wheeler that just needed batts.and the gent has his parts cart. the one who wanted to upgrade to controller thinking it would go faster decided it was cheaper to keep it the way it was.the third one was a g2 with a bad celeniod when it got hot it would expand inside causing it to lose the connections found this out by her driving it till it stopped and me having a meter hooked up to celeniod when it stopped the meter told the story. has one ordered. hope this has helped someone else who might have a problem. o.c.f.


Thanks for the follow up...