Yamaha Golf cart

I aquired a Yamaha golf cart, not sure what year it is. I would say it is in the 90 year range. It was working fine, then I had started it and was tunring around when it quit and would not start. It turns over, It has spark at the plug. It seems to be getting too much gas cause when I try to start it, nothing. I take out the plug and it is saturated. I have taken the carb out and cleaned it, but still the same thing. Any suggestions?


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tryin' a new plug is always worth it, sounds like the float maybe sticking/set wrong or something is stuck in the needle and seat.
Yes I changed the plug and I will try the carb again. I will pay special attention to the needle and seat.
Is it possible that the float can get water logged? That happen to me before on a truck carb.
thanks allot


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you may want to try replacing you gas. has the cart been sitting? if the tank is low, you could be sucking up the crap at the bottom of the tank. just a guess.
Been working allot and haven't had time to work on it till yesterday, Rebuilt the carb. Changed the plug. Still won't start. The cart didn't set, but it did run out of fuel once, but that was before it quit running. I noticed gas comming out the air filter side after trying to start it. I removed the rubber intake for the air filter and there was allot of gas there. I am wondering if mabe wiring??? It has spark and is definetly getting gas.