Yamaha Golf Cart Ran and Died No Spark


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I have a 2 stroke Yamaha gas golf cart that is maybe 20 years old and it ran fine until one day it just died. We've tested the spark plug and get no spark, it is a brand new spark plug to. And I have no idea how to fix it, I need help!


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I'm not quite sure but after looking at a lot of pictures and videos it might be a Yamaha G-1


If its a 2 stroke it should be a G1. Here's info on posting pics here

You can upload the pictures or use the IMG tags


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Give me a call i will tell you what to look for. My cell # 912-313-1470 my name is mark I'am in Georgia don't Dial a one before 912 free call


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I took mine of fender an squeezed it with vice grips lightly in each spot on it as i tryed to crank it till it cranked


Yes. That is the cdi box

The first thing you do is unplug the black wire with the white stripe on it.

That removes the kill switch on the gas pedal. (very rare failure)

Then go after the pulse and source coil wires and check the plugs and wires at the engine flywheel side.

You can ohm these: pulse coil is around 11 or 22 ohms green and red / wires at flywheel

the source coil is the brown wire and should be 150 ohms or so I can find out for sure if needed.

When these fail they will be open

You have a 1979 to 1981 g-1 Check the orange wire at the ignition coil ( on side cover ).

Also check the wires at the battery tray that by now was replaced. The after market tray cuts into the wire harness.

Any wires that are white with a red or green stripe are for the pulse coil (primary ignition voltage)
and will burn out a test light (over 20volts) also why these carts don`t foul spark plugs

I have seen some issues with the key switch and sometime fix these by just unplugging and plugging back in the key switch plugs.

You can ohm everything at the cdi box and at the engine.