Yamaha Golf Cart Problems


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I am hoping someone here may be able to point me in the right direction. I can’t get our golf cart to run, it seems like there isn’t spark but I do have spark. Here is the list of parts replaced or checked and no change at all.

Two new carburetors
New fuel pump
New fuel filters
New spark plug
Set the valves

I double checked for spark and it appears to have spark. I checked the compression too and there is lot. Any ideas where I could look next?


I have worked on a bunch of them, and I think the ignition coil could be a very likely suspect. The part about “appears to have spark” could be the “Biggy”. It is difficult to be sure exactly what the spark should look like unless you have something to compare it to, even with an in-line spark tester. A marginal spark can cause serious problems. It’s worth looking into. Good luck, Ron.


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Thank you I’ll get one of those on the way and try that, I never had a spark tester just did it the only way I know which was to put the plug against something metal while rolling it over.