Yamaha Golf Cart Not Running Properly


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I have a 1997 Yamaha G16 gas golf cart that's not running properly. I replaced the carburetor and then it tries to start but begins to backfire through the new carburetor. I can remove the spark plug and close the gap, reinstall the plug, and it will start but not accelerate. I can then remove the plug, open the gap back up to spec, and it will start then begin backfiring again and not run. JN6-113598 is the number on the frame. So far it has a new, aftermarket, carburetor, new Spark Plug, BPR2ES, new fuel pump. I have replaced all hoses, there was a small pinhole in the original pickup tube in the fuel tank. Any help would be appreciated.


I'd start with a compression test just to rule that out as being the problem with the golf cart not wanting to start. Welcome to Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum. :hattip:


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Take of the air box and carburetor and ohv cover, then unbolt the head bolts and see if the head gasket is blown. That same thing happened to me when my head gasket was blown or the intake valve rocker arm could be off the push rod and that could cause back pressure in the carburetor. Also if the gasket is blown it could still have compression, so take off the oil cap before taking apart and turn over the motor and if pressure and air comes out then the head gasket is blown. Or if you don't want to take anything apart to find out, take the crankcase vaccum line to the fuel pump and take the spark plug out. Then blow through the vaccum line and if air comes out of the cylinder then the head gasket is blown. Hope this will help