Yamaha Golf Cart Broken Push Rod


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Yamaha G2 gas golf cart quit running so I checked all the typical stuff. Spark plug was remaining dry so I suspected intake valve was not opening. Pulled the cover and discovered the intake push rod was not seated up against the rocker arm and had dropped down. I was able to pluck it out and observed the end of the push rod was broken missing the end cap or piece that is manufactured on to the end of the rod.
With good light, I was able to see deep into the push rod channel and see what appears to be half or part of the end that broke off.
So a couple of questions:
If I cannot get the broken pieces out from above, is there any possible chance I can flush them down past the crankshaft and hope it settles into the oil reservoir where I hope to flush it out through the oil drain opening?
If I cannot get the pieces out, is just removing the head my next best option?

Not wanting to dump a ton of time (or money) into this cart. Was planning to unload it anyway as I have 2 others which are in much better shape. But if replacing the broken (and getting the little pcs out) push rod gets her running again, it's a win win :)

Thanks in advance for any replies or suggestions.


I wouldn't try to run it unless you can get all the broken pieces of the pushrod out. Can you get a magnet down there and try to get the broken piece(s) out that way?


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I plan to try a tiny magnet or a thin vacuum tube. I was reading this Yamaha model did not use an oil pump (so no filter). Got dark and the bugs took over out in the barn so gonna hit it again tomorrow.