Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram and Wiring Help


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Hi' I just bought a Yamaha gas cart cheap. The prev. owner says it is a Kawasaki motor. the no#on frame is J10-006191 my problem is the starter/generator shorted out or prv. owner wired it wrong not sure but it toasted most of wiring harness from s/g to back of motor.:wallbash: I think I can rewire the harness as most wires are not burned totaly thru. My question is I have a good starter generator from an EZGO 2 stroke I would like to use in place of stock unit is this possible with a Yamaha? Were can i find a good wiring diagram so I can make sure I dont toast anything else. This is my first Yamaha gas golf cart and I hope I can get it running soon. Any help would be great. Thanks old cart fart


I'm not sure about the starting generator but see no reason why it wouldn't work. There's Yamaha and EZGO wiring diagrams in the resource section of the forum. :hattip: