Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Questions Before Buying


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The local golf course's lease is up and they're selling some carts. I'd like to buy one of these gas Yamaha golf carts, at a decent price but have a few questions before buying one. I know that they're 5 years old, that they're gas 4-stroke engines and have been well maintained.

I want to make this cart street legal...if I purchase one. Also, I'll be enclosing this machine (side curtains & a windshield) for all weather driving. I don't want to get silly with the speed thing, but am thinking that 35 to 45 mph for a top speed in a cart is reasonable.

My usage for this cart will be festivals, hunting events, suburb driving, etc.

What's the top speed on these carts?
How difficult is it to modify these engines or switch them out for something else?
Will taller tires make the cart faster, handle better/worse, ride better/worse?
What's the "G" designation indicate? G1, G2, G16, G22, etc.?

Your experiences and opinions are appreciated.
Thank you, Outdoorguy57


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Just some comments that may apply to your pending purchase:
Making this cart street legal may not be possible. Most states have adopted FMVSS 500 49 CFR Part 571 https://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/rulings/lsv/lsv.html
This generally will require a 17 digit VIN number that is not on a golf cart and cannot be had.
Check with your local licensing agency regarding LSV's to see if that applies and be prepared for changing laws.

The top speed of a stock golf cart is limited by the manufacturer at 19mph, most golf course carts run 12-14mph.

An LSV by law is limited in speed to between a low of 20mph and a max of 25mph.

35-45mph in a cart designed for 14 mph speeds is not really realistic and anything above 25mph would require hydraulic brakes and IMO a crash helmet and good insurance. :)

In Yamaha carts "G" designation is Golf Cart, "22" is the series and "E" or "A" is electric or gas.


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I've already talked with some licensed golf cart owners, here in Ohio, so I know that part is legal and can be done.
As for the sanity and insurance of a golf cart going over 25 mph, I have to agree with you. I understand the braking system mods that would have to be made to meet any motor vehicle code standards. I would imagine the LSV standards/laws are much like Ohio's SMV (Slow Moving Vehicle), which falls in the category of tractors and various farm implement vehicles.

The "G" and "22" and "A" designations make sense. Thank you, this has cleared up more questions.

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To get the speed you're looking for your best be would be a Briggs or Honda V-Twin. Taller tires will help some with the top speed.