Yamaha Gas Golf Cart is Slow


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I just bought a 2000 Yamaha G16 gas golf cart on Friday. This is my second gas golf cart that I have owned, but this one seems to be slow. Is there any adjustment that I can make (that wont hurt the golf cart) that will make the cart go a little faster? Any help would be appreciated...thanks


You can speed the Yamaha gas golf carts up by adjusting the 10mm nut on the rear end arm that has both throttle cables going to it. That is the governor.

The threaded stem will be long with the 10mm nut on it. Just tighten the nut a few turns at a time to increase the cart speed. You can get to it by putting your arm and a small deep socket just to the left of the rear end clutch on top of the rear end itself.

If the cart is sluggish off the line that's kinda normal. these are not G-1s.

As long as the clutches are working properly the only thing left is changing the pilot jet and main jet in the carb and make sure the intake manifold is not leaking. (plastic)

I don`t remember if these were a problem on this model or not.

If you speed these up too much the crankcase pressure will pump all the oil into the valve cover then into the air filter box.