yamaha G9 project


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I am currently looking to buy a yamaha G9 gas, not running.
Can anyone give me some advice on these carts?
I know nothing about them.
Where can I find the serial # plate when I go to look at it?
Are they worth restoring?



If it's a G9 the serial number should under the seat where the floorboard meets the engine compartment.
The G9's are good carts but it all depends on what it needs and what kind of deal you can get on it.


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What would a G9 gas be worth not running, no top or supports, but all of the parts seem to be there?
I am new at golf carts, but I am interested in tinkering with them because they are neat little machines.


It's hard to say what it's worth without knowing or having a idea of why it's not running. I'd guess no more than a couple hundred and that's if it's in decent shape besides not running.


I get around 1200.00 for a good cart, nothing fancy.

These are nice quiet running carts but don`t expect alot of power out of them.

If the cart is dead most likely ground wire, relay and/ or starter brushes.

May just need a battery.

foot pedal switches do stick closed on carts that have been sitting for a long time

The ground wire (small wire in main harness) breaks at the starter. The cart may or may not crank over and would have ignition problems.

The fix was to install a ground wire from the battery to the valve cover. This was only needed for control wires not cranking (engine mounted on rubber would not make ground for controls or spark.