Yamaha G9 Golf Cart Oil In Air Box

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I have a Yamaha G9 golf cart. The oil level is on the full mark on the dipstick, the crankcase breather is clean, but it is pushing oil into the air box. any help would be great!


One reason oil gets into the air box is by running the cart beyond governed speed.

There is a sort of check valve in the air box cover' on Yamaha G2 and possible G9 golf carts

On G2 golf carts there were issues with the dip stick not indicating the correct oil level thus too much oil in the crankcase. (you were to fill it half way between the marks)

I think this was corrected by the time G9 came out.

If you need to run this cart wide open than make sure it's not over full of oil.

I don't remember these having a breather other than a hose from the valve cover to the airbox and a couple of check valves.

I know on a lot of other engines where if you install the breather upside down or backwards it will put oil where you don`t want it instead of keeping it in the crankcase.