Yamaha G8 Steering Knuckle Removal


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Hi guys, new member here and I'm working on lifting my G8. Maybe it just got to be too late last night but I didn't know how to remove the steering knuckle from the A-arm. After looking at the parts manual it looks like I need to remove the two nuts or plugs or whatever they're called at the top and bottom of the pin. Are these forced fit or are they threaded on? I guess I'm asking do I need to get a prying tool or my vice grips?

Any help would be appreciated.



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There are spring pins/roll pins in the spindle body that hold the king pin in place. They can be hard to see from debris. Once you drive the spring pins out, you can remove the king pins. The k-pins have a hole in the bottom so you can use a drift to turn them. If you have to drive the k-pins out, use a smaller drift than the diameter of the k-pin as not to mushroom the pin.

Be sure and sock everything in penetrating oil before ya start.


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Sweet, yeah I was looking at the diagrams a little more and I think it hit me and I remembered looking at those last night. Ok, great thanks, I'll see what happens when I get off work. Is there anywhere that has a good write up on these lifts? I've been a member of an offroad toyota forum for a long time and they've got some awesome write ups on how to do stuff. I was hoping to find or start something like that here.


Welcome to the forum...

There's posts on the forum from members who do write ups on golf cart repair, installing accessories, lift kits and reviews. There's a forum here for reviews so feel free to post a review on the quality of your new lift and how the install goes.

Let us know if you have any other questions and good luck with the new lift...