Yamaha G22E Electric


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I've been having a problem with my yamaha G22 electric golf cart for over a year now. First it would run then all of a sudden shut right off.If I flipped the Run/Tow up and down and back to run it would start up again. Then it would only run in reverse, when I put into forward it moved like 2 inches then nothing. Then it would die in reverse when I flipped Run/Tow switch up and down and back to run it would run in reverse. Then no matter how many times i flipped run/tow switch it would not run in reverse and it would have a weak buzzer. Jacked up Cart and found that the solenoid is good.

New General electric controller comparable with my G19,We also replaced the accelerator stop switch

When the batteries still had juice I ran some tests. Every terminal on the solenoid tests 50 volts when you turn the key on or off or push the gas it wont decrease or increase.When the switch is on Tow it drops down to 2 volts.

So right now the batteries are charged but I have removed the solenoid. When I put in reverse now I hear No Buzzer. Would that be because I have removed solenoid???

What I am going to do in the coming days is install solenoid, Recharge Battery's, put in reverse and forward to see if it clicks or moves or I hear reverse buzzer and report back.

What do you guys think it could be can someone please help me out.


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I have about the same problem except mine finally quit wont even switch on now. i took it to plum quick. if he gets it fixed ill let u know what he finds.


I would suggest testing all the inputs to controller. (Garbarge in Garbarge out -French i think!)
If the controller sees or doesn't see what it needs to cart will not run. If all inputs are good i would condem controller after i confirm batteries,solenoid and motor are good.