Yamaha G22 Golf Cart Wont Run


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Yamaha G22E electric golf cart wont run. First it only ran in reverse, Then only the solenoid would click. Now nothing at all. Checked fuse next to solenoid in wire harness it good. Motor tests good. New Controller and Accelerator stop switch. No Reverse Beeper or Solenoid Click. What could it be?


Anytime you don't have a reverse buzzer that is a clue you have no control power or that the voltage it is well below 36 or 48v. Check all your cable connections and check battery voltage.

It is also a clue that a battery is installed backwards (I have done this alot working with thousands of carts and being in a hurry). The cart will run just no buzzer. It won't hurt anything just correct it right away.

As for no reverse or works in only one direction that is all up to the f/r lever and not part of the control or motor. There may be sensors so the cart won't work unless the shifter is all the way in position.

Also check the charge receptacle for the faulty sensor that disables the cart when the charger is plugged in.

Those had a high failure rate from what I remember.