Yamaha G22 Electric


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I've been having a problem with my yamaha G22 electric golf cart for almost a year now. First it would run and slow down and sometimes I would be able to floor it and it would buck and get up to speed and it would stop so when it would would randomly stop I would flip the tow/run switch up and down and put it back on run and it would run fine for a while.Then it would only run in reverse if I flipped the tow switch up and down.then it would just click and not move.we replaced the controller with a general electric control that works with G22s.The solenoid tests good.One month back when it would suddenly die the BRAND NEW Batteries died and it came to a dead stop but when we towed it we did not flip the switch on tow,we had it on run when towing.Every terminal on the solenoid tests 50 volts when you turn the key on or off or push the gas it wont decrease or increase.When the switch is on Tow it drops down to 2 volts.PLEASE Help Ive been dealing with this since the beginning of last august.We also replaced the accelerator stop switch.as I have said before New Batteries, Solenoid is good,new General electric controller comparable with my G19,We also replaced the accelerator stop switch.
So long story short it clicks but wont move and we have replaced the parts above all thats left is the motor. Could I have fried the motor Towing in run backwards, on completely dead batteries. This is a 2002 Yamaha, The Drive G22 Electric Golf Cart



Towing a regen cart with the run tow switch in the run position will usually fry the controller and motor. I'd test the motor and see if that's your problem.


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Ok thanks I have replaced the controller and will test the motor soon.