Yamaha G2


I am looking for a yamaha g2 without an engine. Just the rolling chassis is all I need. Dont care about the condition. If it rolled off a cliff than it is perfect for my project.

I will also consider any other cart that has 26" or more between the frame rails in the engine bay.

I would like the cart to at least be on the east side of the US. Preferably around Chattanooga, TN.



6500 and you could buy mine


I have in the past but none of them want to sell a cart seperate from the group. Even the more run down courses. They like to sell the carts as a bulk purchase to golf cart dealers.
Greedy people.


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Ace, There is no such thing as a cheap cart. I only gave $200.00 for my G-9 but it didn't take long to get to $3000.00 or more and getting ready to dump that much in it again. The best advice I can offer is to find a GOOD cart to start with. That might set you back about $1500.00. Get one that runs and drives good and sell the motor if you don't want it. Golf cart motors that are in GOOD running condition are worth a lot, and that way you won't have to go scrounging for the stuff that someone else already took off a cart. My G-9 was cheap but it didn't have everything I needed so I had to pay a New price to gather it all up. Just remeber go YAMAHA and go BIG!!