Yamaha G2 No Spark


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Picked up a 1989 Yamaha G2 with blown motor. Rebuilt it and put it back together. When I push on peddle sometimes I will get a quick spark then nothing until I let off the peddle, one maybe two sparks and nothing after that. Do I need a new igniter? Or could I get lucky and have it be something a little cheaper? I hope. Do these carts have a rpm limiter like the Club car or is it part of the igniter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My wife wants to park her car in the garage and is giving me grief.


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I agree, but most engines will produce only one spark if an igniter is faulty. I dont know this engine, but the single spark occurs when power is removed from the low tension side of a coil. it can happen when you take your foot off a pedal switch or shut off the ignition switch. Any other time is a broken pickup coil , pulsar or igniter fault. If your engine does not use an igniter, then the issue is likely an open circuit coil or similar.