yamaha g2 help


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hey new to the club and in a bind got a yama g2 put a .50 sleeve kit in it,i am positive the timing marks on all the internals are correct, the motor is not turing over so well when the spark plug is in however when u pull the plug out it turns like it should,and am getting alot of gas out of the carb flooding] but float is correct, and needle is closing properly,is it paramount that the air box need to be attached while starting?and could this possibly fix my flooding issue? thanks


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The air box has no effect on the carb other than keeping dirt out. If you are getting a lot of gas in the cylinder, the only thing it can be is the carb. Pull the carb and remove the float bowl. turn the carb upside-down so that the float is up. connect the gas line and crank over. The cut-off piston could be cracked and letting gas by, The float bottom should be parrallel with the case where the bowl seats. check both.