Yamaha G2 Cranks Over But Won't Start


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Hello fellow golfers! Forums look great. I have a G2 mid 80s. The problem Im having is when I step on the gas pedal its making noise like its trying to start but it wont... Its stubborn, Sometimes I have to pump the pedal and then it will go,sometimes I have to pump the pedal for a couple minutes and it will go but every time I come to a stop it does the same thing and the pumping starts haha so sad

I pulled carb off and cleaned it. Oil level looks good, Checked air filter and it looked good, had a little oil in it but not much... I stuck an inline fuel filter between fuel pump and carb. Belts look good. But I still have same problems. There is a decent amount of oil on motor,kinda dirty but oil level looked halfway between full and empty. I do know I'm getting spark and fuel pump is working.

Please any pointers would greatly appreciated



check the starter brushes and on this model of g2 you can manually activate the starter relay by pressing the rubber boot on the back of it. 85 and 86 model year I think had these.


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I will have to look into it. It was funny b/c the next day after I posted this I got the new spark plugs in for the cart. I put them in and the cart ran great for 5 or 6 rounds so I thought problem solved... When I went out the other day i got to hole 12 and the cart quit.. It cranks but just wont turn over... I was using a fan through the cigg lighter but I checked the fuses, I recharged the batter and its good. I even put a diff new spark plug in just to see but that didnt help either. I will check the start brushes,thanks for the help


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You mean it cranks but wont fire. Check if the 2 wires connected to the ignition coil are all properly attached. Then check for spark.


First of all, b/c stands for because?

Second, We need to know what is really going on here.

The crankshaft / clutch spins but the engine does not fire (run)

or the engine does not turn over (cranking by starter motor)

I would check battery condition since these had a bulletin for voltage

regulator adjustment.

If you are running this cart on a golf course (stop and go) the regulator should be set around 15.5 volts

If you are running this in a campground or for long distances at a time you set it for 14.5 v.

I would load test the battery and make sure the cart is charging.

I think that is your problem.

If it has an original starter solenoid it should be replaced.

If it does not crank (turn over) you should be able to push on the rubber boot on

the back of the solenoid. This bypasses the electrical system control and sends 12v

to the starter.

This should have the starter brushes checked. (pull off one of the rubber boots on the back of

the starter.

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I have a mid eightys yamaha golf cart that tries to turn over, but will not start. had starter/generator rebuilt, new battery. Its getting fire through coil and plug, still same results. If anyone knows what else to try would be thankful.


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Did you find your problem?
I have a 89 G-2 same problem, it turns over, has a good spark,getting gas, have reset the valves put in new spark plug. It just will not run.
Just wandering if you have found anything else?

thanks bob


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i always like to know what the compression is on a engine that don't start, have you tried to squirt a little gas in the spark plug hole and try it?