Yamaha G19 Motor Only Turns When Tires Raised


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I'm new here and have searched the Yamaha G19 topics and a few start down my road but don't finish the answer. Here's what I've got

2000ish Yamaha G19 electric 48 volt. The motor only turns the tires when raised off the ground but won't move with me seated. New batteries in 2006. I just changed the battery connector cables today. I have load tested all the batteries and they are good. I have 50volts in and out of the controller, at the solenoid and the motor. I found specs to test the forward pedal switch assembly and is in spec. I am reluctant to pull the trigger for a controller or motor without some technical specs or advice from someone who's been down this road. Thanks in advance for any help


You can test the motor with a 12 volt battery or battery charger. There's directions for motor testing in the resource section of the forum.


You May be loosing current through the solenoid. check voltage at A1 to ground under load. If it drops way off controller is shutting down.