Yamaha G16E


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Hi First Post!

I am working my way through a Yamaha G16E 1999 and am ready to attack the rearend. I have a repetitive clicking sound coming from the rear and want to start with changing the gear oil. I have a feeling it may be low or dry. Any tips on how to proceed, type of oil, quantity etc. would be much appreciated. I have fully inspected and adjusted the brakes so I'm pretty confident the click is in the rearend.
Thanks for your tips and dvice in advance. DRED


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The best be would be pull the pan and look for shavings. To fill or check the level pull the plug near the bottom of the pan and fill until the oil runs out with the cart level. The manual calls for 30 weight oil. It holds about 10-12 oz...


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Thanks for the advice I will pull the cover and inspect the differential and replace it with fresh oil.


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The differential was shot with lots of play in the spider gears. Fine metal shavings in the molasses. The oil looked like it had been in the diff since 1999. I tried new carrier bearings and outer wheel bearings first but the problem was the spider gears in the differential. I really don't like the fact that there are no inner axel bearings to help keep the axels solid before entering the spider gears within the differential. But the new differential did the trick.
Found a new diff on E-bay shipped to my door for less than $85.
The click is gone and the cart runs smooth and fast. I lucked out in that the gears seemed unaffected by the gunk and fine shavings in the rearend.