Yamaha G16E No Voltage to Contactor


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I have a 1997 Yamaha G16E cart. I needed new battery pack. When I connected main wires I checked voltages and found that I am not getting any voltage to contactor solenoid red/white terminal. I found a bad diode and replaced it. I also found the 10 amp fuse was bad and replaced it. I rechecked voltages and still had no power to contactor from key switch. How should I proceed in finding the problem? I have a Wiring Diagram. I also want to eliminate charger plug receptacle. Where can I tap in to get power to switches and contactor?


If you have power out of key switch and start / stop switch then it is a wiring issue. You might look at back of charger receptacle for 2 small wires. One powers up the key switch if I remember correctly.