Yamaha G16E Clicks But Won’t Go


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I have a 1998 Yamaha G16E electric,
I purchased this recently and it ran well, for about a week, I don’t really know any history on it. But the previous owner transported in the back of a diesel truck for camping and was pretty nasty from exhaust, I did degrease it including the battery compartment.
It originally slowed to about 1/2 speed, then stopped completely. Solenoid would only click and no other sign of life.
Here’s were I’m at now and what I’ve done to troubleshoot. Please HELP.

Step 1) thinking it may have a bad battery in the mix, I changed them out from a working cart. Old batteries ran my Ezgo fine, no change to the Yamaha
Step 2) Installed a new solenoid, no change
Step 3) send the controller and had it rebuilt by FLIGHT SYSTEMS INDUSTRIAL PROD. Still no change.
Step 4) hand over hand over the wiring looking for a smoking gun, didn’t find anything that stood out.
Step 5) reinstalled original batteries that have been running my Ezgo for about a month with no issues. No change

New solenoid, rebuilt controller, and known good batteries, it has same exact problem solenoid clicks and nothing else. Please help me to stop chasing parts.


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When you find out let me know on my thread on 2013 Yamaha YDRE won’t turn over. Will be happy to pay the one that figured it out.


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I’m wondering if there are any additional information that I can provide so to aid in the diagnosis.