Yamaha G16E 36 Volt Golf Cart Has a Electrical Problem


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I have a 99 Yamaha G16E 36 volt golf cart. I have been chasing a electrical problem for a while now. Talked to 2 or 3 golf cart techs to see if they can help but, still nothing. Here is the problem;

I first started out with a stock golf cart, I use it on the farm a lot, driving around the fence line killing weeds. I stop and go a lot. I notice, when I stop and try to go again, I push the pedal down and the cart doesn't move. Its dead, no sound from the motor or electrical or anything. I give it about 30-45 seconds and push the pedal back down to take off and it takes off. Runs fine when it goes. It doen't do this all the time just about every other time I stop. Not sure what this is, can anyone help.

This is what I have changed since the problem started,
Stock motor
New batteries
New 36 volt, Super Duty 400 amp continuous, 1000 amp peak Solenoid. With a Precharged resistor and a 3 amp diode.
New 36 volt, Solid State Speed Controller (GE) 500 amp series
New 4 gauge welding cable set
Jake's long travel lift kit w/ 23x14x10 wheels and tires
cargo box on back.

Note: this problem started before I installed all the parts and I'm still having this problem now with all the new parts.
All the stock wiring is really good condition. The only thing I haven't replace is the motor.