Yamaha G16AW Not Cranking Over


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Hi all, I could use a little help. Yamaha G16AW was running yesterday! Now it's not cranking over. Checked battery---good. when I turn key on the oil light doesnt even light anymore (it used to). Relay in the black box clicks when I step on gas, but does not crank. Solenoid is getting power to "hot" side of the "coil" but not seeing power at the small "kicker" wire at all. Jumped key switch (only has two wires), no change.

Looking at the schematic it looks like lead out from key goes right to accelerator switch... from there to the engine stop relay.... Is that the relay in the black box? How can I test it?

Any other ideas?
Appreciate any help in advance!


It's probably one of the small wire connectors or a bad ground. The Yamaha golf cart are known for having issues with connections on the small wire connectors.