Yamaha G16a fuel problem


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I have a 2000 G16. I have a fuel problem of some sort. Here is what I have done:
1. replaced the carb with a new carb.
2. replaced fuel filter.
3. Replaced all lines.
4. Checked fuel pickup line
5. Replaced the fuel pump with a GENERIC fuel pump. I have a Yamaha pump on order.
The cart will run on the level. As soon as I go up a grade it starves for fuel and does not want to run.
Does anyone have any idea as to what is wrong?


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
Seeing as how you replaced the carb and I would assume that the problem existed before rules out the float binding up.
How do you know it is a fuel problem? You could have an elect. problem. Something may be shorting out when you put the cart in a certain attitude.
Have you checked to make sure your ground is tight?