Yamaha G16 Smoking Black Smoke


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Not familar with this cart, a friend of mine has it and is going to sell it to me cheap. It seems to run ok. However it is smoking like crazy ( black smoke) the compression is 150 and it is missing the air box. Reading some of the other topics in the forum I see that it is metioned to make sure the air box is sealed tight. Could this be the only problem causing it to burn the oil? And, where can I find an air box, I have searched all over the internet and can't find one listed anywhere just clips and the filter itself. I would love to find a used one cheap.

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If it's burning oil you would see white/blue smoke. Black smoke would be a fuel issue and running to rich. It could just need the air box to straightened it out.
Try posting a want ad in the wanted forum. Check the oil and make sure it's not full of gas.