Yamaha G16 Rear End Goes Forward In Neutral and Reverse


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I'm working on a Yamaha G16 rear end. When I put it in forward it goes forward, neutral, it goes forward and reverse it goes forward. What did the person do before me, so i can fix it? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


You need to remove the shifter cables. They are most likely frozen (dirt, rust) and they are holding the rearend in the present gear.

To get to them remove the drive belt and the muffler (very easy). 12mm wrench 2 bolts (bracket) and 2 nuts on the engine.

Up front it may be easier to remove the air box.

I have seen people put the cart on it`s side also. (do not do this)

If the cables are newer they could have been adjusted too tight. (spring loaded)

Also there is a dot on the shifter stem and a dot on the shifter cable arm to center the shifter cables.

You should remove this arm to replace the cables. (on the rear end)