Yamaha G16 Gas Golf Cart Electrical Problem

Iowa Pilot

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We own a 2000 G16 Yamaha gas operated golf cart with a electrical problem. Operating great up until a week ago. It didn't want to start when the gas pedal was engaged.
I thought the battery was weak. Yet, I would try again and it would start and take off. Today it failed completely, so I put in a new battery, which I didn't need. My first clue was the radio had no power and my tail lights would not toggle on. I couldn't understand this because I had power to the lights but they would not light up. Tested with a DC light probe. Had power to radio but would not work. Then I realized I had no ground. Ran a wire from battery ground terminal to radio ground wire and it worked. Ran same wire to tail light ground wire and lights lit up okay.

Need help here. How do I trouble shoot defective ground?

Iowa pilot


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I am a new owner waiting for help on a coil problem/fix. I just rebuilt and installed a g16 motor in my 2001 and the only ground I noticed was on the engine attaching to the coil mount inside the flywheel cover. I'm sure there is one on the starter /generator. I would follow the negative cable and check all connections.
Most, if not all Yamaha gas carts, need an auxilary ground from the engine to the body. I generally run a battery cable from the generator terminal on the generator/starter that goes to the battery ground, to a case bolt on the transaxle.