Yamaha G14 Spark Plug


Hey everyone

I ended up putting a Yamaha G14 I think anyway, that is what the guy told me it came out of engine in my cart last night. Can anyone tell me what spark plug is supposed to be in it? The plug that was in it was an autolite 985. I looked up the number and showes bpr6efs? Buggies unlimited show BPR2ES for a g14.

I will be heading to the parts store in about an hour, any help is appreciated.


Thanks for the reply. I picked up a BPR4es and a BPR6es. Do you know the difference Between any of these plugs? I put the BPR6es in the engine since that is close to the cross over number to what was in it. The engine runs fine with it and all 3 plugs are the same length.


Well....with a search I answered my own question.

here is some good information.


NGK indicates the heat range in the middle of the plug number. For example, BCPR6ES-11 has a heat range of 6. (The number after the “-“ is the gap.)

Starting with part # BKR6E-11 (heat range 6), a colder plug would # BKR7E-11 (heat range 7), a hotter plug would be # BKR5E-11 (heat range 5).

NGK Heat Range Example

Once you have decided on a number, test to see if it exists by typing it into the search box. If it exists, you can add the part to your cart. For additional assistance contact our tech team at 888-800-9629.

EXCEPTION: NGK Racing Plugs: (Any NGK plug that begins with the letter “R”)​

For NGK Racing Plugs, the heat range is located AFTER the hyphen.

Example: R5671A-10 has a heat range of 10. A colder plug would be # R5671A-11 (heat range 11), a hotter plug would be # R5671A-9 (heat range 9).

Some NGK Racing Plugs are also available in half heat ranges. These are displayed as a 2 or 3 digit number after the hyphen. For example, R6120-85 has a 8.5 heat range and R6120-105 has a 10.5 heat range.

For additional assistance contact NGK customer service at 877-473-6767.