Yamaha G14 / G16 Forward - Reverse wiring


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I was given a wrecked, rolled over cart I have ID'ed from pix & wiring diagrams as a G 14 or 16. Despite several of the factory electrical components
being removed, including the solenoid, it ran well for 3 weeks. Batteries were removed after tagging all wires, to add support below. After repairs,
when the last cable was connected, it arced, the cart jumped to the rear (remember-no solenoid) and hasn't moved since. Throttle sensor readings
are flaky so I have ordered a replacement. Fingers crossed - will not pay the price for a controller if needed. The question: wiring diagrams show only 4 cables
connected to the Fd.- Rev. control. Why does mine have connector with 4 small wires plugged into the top?