yamaha g1 transmission


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hello all,

this is my first post; love your site; gotten a lot of useful info about my cart. anyway got an 81 yamaha g1 gas cart, looks aweful, works great, wondering about how to check trans. fluid, how much should it take and what should i be putting in it? any info greatly apprec. thanks


If you look at the rear end axletube you will see a bolt that is all by itself. It should be 12mm wrench not sure what side it is on. I can look if you don`t find it.

that is your oil level. I have never seen one of these low unless the vent hose is missing or it was never filled at the factory (will not run long). Fill by removing vent.

You will need a flatblade screwdriver to re install the vent.

90w will work fine. Anything is better than nothing.

If you have rear end noise it will be the input shaft gear and the ring gear (chewed up).