Yamaha G1 Top & Front Strut Mount


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Does anyone have a picture of their Yamaha G1 with a top & front strut mount? Or a diagram etc.? i got on Bennett golf carts & none of the diagrams show how the top is suppost to be mounted. Or could it be on these models that the top is an after market acessory. the top on the one I have is mounted in a bed & i think someone installed the front strut upside down. please help.


I believe, the factory ones did not mount to the front. They had all the mounting points in the back, and just hung over the front.

Like this one.



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Thanks Oodpowers! That is what i asummed all along. I think the person that had this cart before was trying to mount a windshield on the cart & did a very poor job & mounted a strut to the fiberglass body & now its breaking up the cowl... & what ever you do dont lean on the strut. I guess if you trailer this cart it would have to go on the trailer facing backward.


I am not 100% sure but I think that the front struts for the top was an aftermarket piece. It was only used if customer wanted a windshield. I could be wrong on this.


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I bought a kit to put a windshield on my G1 and it is, about, 6 inches short. They tried to tell me my top had raised in the front. Wrong. I,ll get around to a fix, sooner or later.


Only Blue Dot tops were good on these carts. They did have a windshield kit that mounted

to the frame through the front cowl in factory mounting holes and it had latches that hooked it to

the sun top. It was very flimsy and I would not recommend it.

One important note here is you must use the golf club support brackets (sweater basket area)

that came with the cart. Most are long gone.

If you don`t support the top laterally it will fall apart.